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Tara Massage Artist is now Live Embodied

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In my perception, our body is an amazing combination of natures' perfection and the intelligence running through it which is constantly striving to protect us and bring us back into states of health and balance, usually challenged by modern living.

Our bodies hold and show all our history. They receive and send signals with multiple ways all the time. Learning to honour them and live embodied we develop an accurate compass to navigate into the unknown while anchored into the here and now.

I am here to guide you safely back home to yourself. To all that you already are and already know. 

Exactly how i imagine a massage to be. It was perfect. Strong and soft in the right places. Tara has a wonderful intuition and seems to have quite a knowledge about natural healing, that goes beyond massaging. Very nice person, too. I felt so much happiness afterwards. See you again soon! :)

Marion Machado Quintela

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