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Do you help treat injuries, medical conditions or chronic illness?


The answer here is a clear no. 

I am a wellness practitioner and not a Physiotherapist, Heilpraktiker or have any certification with Medical / Rehabilitative background.

Massage is aiming to boost wellness and help you manage better your stress, relieve muscle soreness, help you sleep better and bring your nervous system into a calm state. Bodywork is not meant to substitute medical services, nor I give diagnoses. 
If my skills don't meet your needs, I will gladly refer you to other practitioners. 

What's your cancellation policy?

We cannot avoid sometimes unexpected things to happen. Still, I have to respect my time and cover my praxis rental costs so here is the 3 phases of cancellation policy:

  • Up to 24h prior to the appointment: No charge or full refund in case you have paid already online 

  • Up to 12hrs prior to the appointment: 50% of the total price

  • For no shows or cancellations in less than 12hrs from the appointment reserved time, the whole amount has to be paid.

Rescheduling in less than 24hrs in advance of the appointment reduces the chances your slot is given to another person, so I require a 50% of the amount, unless there was a situation out of your control. Just call me. ​

How can I pay?

Only Cash Payments accepted or Bank transfers

What happens if I'm late?

It is strongly recommended to arrive 5' before the actual starting time of your session. The starting time of your session is the time you have booked and the total duration includes preliminary talk (if it is needed) and some 'rest and digest' minutes at the end of the session to embrace the integration of your experience. ​

For example if your appointment starts at 4pm and the duration is 90' this means that you should be arriving by 3.55pm and the session will end by 5:30pm. If you arrive 4:05pm, the session will be 10 minutes less because you will need another 5' for WC and settling.

To ensure the quality of my offerings I need to follow my schedule of breaks in between clients. My breaks include purification of the space, cleansing and disinfecting of surfaces and linens, resting time, cleansing of my energy and returning into a grounded, calm centered state.

​*Please communicate with me if you have troubles arriving on time or need some instruction to find the studio if you are coming for the first time. 

How do you deal with my personal data?

Be guaranteed that your personal data remain in my online booking systems' base and I am the only one who has access. I do not share them with anyone else, I do not use cookies to follow your online activity and I don't engage in any other marketing related activities. 

I only share blog posts from time to time only with people who have subscribed into receiving them and consented.

How should I prepare for the treatment?

For me it is only important that you allow yourself to show up, however you are and allow yourself to surrender and observe whatever there is.

Please reflect on the following questions so you have a clear intention by the time you will arrive. It will help us make sure we are on the same page and dive faster into the hands on practice:

  • How do I feel physically, emotionally and what is going on in my intellect space?

  • What is the focus for today?

  • Do I need an uplifting and re-energizing experience or some deep relaxing time to reconnect with myself and unwind?

  • How would I want ideally to feel afterwards?

Follow hygiene practices and dress comfortably. Avoid having eaten heavy at least 2 hours before your massage.

Always inform me for any recent injuries, chronic conditions and allergies as there might be contraindications to the type of the treatment you have chosen - or to be treated in general.

In case of pregnancy also I need to be informed and during the first trimester you should have the approval of your gynaecologist.

Please arrive 5 minutes earlier to have time to settle and discuss (if needed)

What should I do afterwards, in order to maximize the benefits of my session?

  • It is important that you protect yourself from cold or wind because it is easy to get sore muscles if exposed.

  • Drink plenty of water / herbal tea to help your body to flush the toxins and the metabolic remains away from your system and take time to rest and reflect.

  • Avoid alcohol, smoke and drugs, allow your body to physically detox.

  • Best practice would be also to take some time off from screens, information and stimuli and allow yourself a digital detox.

  • Try not to have an overloaded day ahead after your session, but rather some me-time.

What kind of products do you use?

I have chosen to work only with high quality of massage oils, herbal salves, heating herbal salves and essential oils. 

My essential oil collection comes mainly from DoTERRA which provides Organic Certified Therapeutic Grade essential oils, Fair Trade and Ethically Sourced. 

The same principles apply to the rest of my lotions and oils as well. 

What languages do you speak?

German, English and Greek.

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