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Ceremonial Space

There are times in life we need to go inwards.


We may need to close an important chapter in life, it can be a break up. Any big life transition can be infused with grace and clarity, even appreciation.

Or sometimes we are lost, disconnected from ourselves and need to gently find our way home. 

Other times we need proper space to allow loss, grief or anger to be fully felt and expressed. 

Or Forgiveness to be allowed to rise on the other side of an horizon heavy with difficult to sit with emotions. 
To let go of shame and guilt. 


Some other times we need communion with the great spirit, like our ancestors. To ask for blessings for a new journey. To ask for guidance and support by our higher self. The eternal part of us which has answers for us. These times some of us need other people we trust, to create the setting for us to go this deep.

Other times too, we are need to celebrate. To welcome a new soul into our realm through a new pregnancy. A new important step. An achievement. 

To bring sacredness to any important moment than needs to be witnessed and acknowledged. 

My calling is to create the container for any inwards journey with compassion, love and non judgemental presence.
Send me your request, defining your intention and lets come together, in sacred field to pray, feel, cry and surrender to each moment of this experience. I am deeply grateful to be your guide in these special moments and to use my intuition and experience from massage, breathwork, coaching, meditation, emotional releasing, reiki together with herbs, oils, chanting, crystals and raw ceremonial cacao to give you the support you need during your journey. 

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